Morocco, Casablanca


December 4, 2019 - December 7, 2019


Industrial subcontracting, Mashine technology


The only Moroccan trade show dedicated to industrial subcontracting.


With MIDEST MAROC, Morocco gains an international subcontracting show to match its industrial ambitions.

As the only Moroccan trade show dedicated to industrial subcontracting, SISTEP, which was launched 16 years ago, has taken a decisive step forward in its development by allying itself with MIDEST, the world’s leading industrial subcontracting show, which is held every year in Paris, to create MIDEST MAROC with effect from the forthcoming show. The aim of this move is to become THE annual, must attend event for industry in Morocco and the whole of Africa.

MIDEST MAROC is off to a flying start.
Backed by the Moroccan authorities and with patronage from the very highest level, it is the result of a partnership between Reed Expositions France, a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading exhibition organizer, the BNSTP (the Moroccan national exchange for subcontracting and partnership) and the FIMME (the Moroccan federation of metal, mechanical and electromechanical industries). The last of these organized the 2009 show, whose success was acknowledged by all, having attracted 232 exhibitors, including 143 from abroad, and 4,600 visitors.
Their aim is bring together 300 exhibiting subcontractors and manufacturers drawn from both Morocco (around 40%) but also from Europe, Asia, the other countries of North Africa and the Middle East. These exhibitors will offer industrial customers, whether they be SMEs or major groups, an opportunity to meet, to forge or renew partnerships and to learn about the latest developments in the sector.
MIDEST MAROC will be staged at the same time and in the same hall as another show offering a complementary range of production equipment and services. The resulting synergy will allow industry visitors to survey the full range of technologies, know-how and innovations and to find solutions to their need to stay abreast of developments and to remain competitive.


Industry, a driving force for Moroccan development

The ambition of MIDEST MAROC forms part of a vast movement to transform the Moroccan economy and industry. The public authorities have made this sector the pathfinder for development by creating a favourable environment, particularly for subcontracting, which they regard as a major driving force for modernization. On 13th February 2009 a National Pact for Industrial Emergence was signed with the aim of creating 220,000 jobs by 2015 and redrawing the industrial landscape of the country. Seven major trades have been defined in Morocco as leading sectors for growth in the country and priorities for national investment: offshoring, automotive, electronics, aerospace, leather and textiles, food industry, the processing of marine products.
It has much to offer: modern infrastructure, a pool of skilled young people with qualifications, highly competitive wage and location costs, a policy of encouraging inward investment, proximity to the European Union, its privileged partner…

Recent years have seen enormous diversification and improvement in the industrial sector, its technical capabilities and its know-how.
So much so that it now offers a highly attractive range of subcontracting capabilities, with the emergence of concentrations of expertise in such cutting edge and demanding sectors as automotive, aerospace, electronics and mechatronics, alongside such traditional ones as mechanics, metals or plastics.
Major industrial projects to strengthen the country’s infrastructure have been launched and these include the Tangiers / Casablanca / Marrakesh high speed train link, the addition of 550 kilometres of motorways, the expansion of the port of Tangiers, the creation or development of airports… The need for subcontracting is especially marked in the motor manufacturing sector. Over 70 component suppliers employing 28,000 people are currently present in Morocco, where close to €14 billion of equipment and raw materials will be produced by 2015, according to the firm of McKinsey, which also believes that the company will be able to position itself as a platform to supply 28 assembly sites in France, Spain and Portugal. The opportunities are proliferating, as the new Renault factory in Tangiers shows. Ultimately, it will produce 400,00 vehicles per annum and numerous suppliers have already followed in its footsteps. MIDEST MAROC therefore satisfies a need and a real expectation amongst professionals as Moroccan industry undergoes these profound changes.



A quality programme

Numerous lectures and meetings will take place over the four days of the event and will highlight the activities and expertise of the national and international professionals who are taking part as well as providing a snapshot of the progress of the ambitious industrial policy that the country has embarked on. A programme of BtoB meetings focusing on technological partnerships between subcontractors and customers will be on offer to participants. The show will also stage a major international forum that will take a close look at the close links that currently bind Morocco, Europe, North and West Africa and the Arab world.




  • Metal processing
    Screw cutting, Machining, Special machines, Forging, Foundry, Fabrication, Metal cutting, Raw materials / Materials / Semi-finished products
  • Processing of Plastics, Rubber and Composite materials
  • Wood processing
  • Processing of other materials (glass, ceramic…)
  • Electronics and Electricity
  • Microtechniques
  • Surface treatments, thermal treatments and finishing
  • Industrial fasteners
  • Industry services
    Design offices / Engineering / Analysis – Industrial maintenance – Quality / Monitoring / Measuring –
    Research & development – Software publisher – Environment and sustainable development.


As the agent of Reed Exhibitions we are organizing Hungarian participants on Midest Paris too.